PICS BY ERIK HANSON VIANA / CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: The unnamed woman from rural Mexico has now gone onto lead a normal life, after having the five stone cyst removed – that had stopped her from walking, left her in respiratory distress and could have caused severe heart problems) – A woman with a cyst weighing the same as ten new born babies has had the FIVE stone tumour removed to save her life. The unnamed 24-year-old from Mexico noticed she had put on 61bs (4.3st) and despite dieting her abdomen continued to grow. Scans revealed an ovarian cyst that swelled over 11-months to a whopping 5st 3 (73lb) equal to a ten year old child and put her at risk of heart failure. The pressure from the cyst meant she had problems walking, breathing and eating due to the compression on her organs. Last year Dr. Erik Hanson Viana, 27, at the Mexico General Hospital performed pioneering surgery to remove the cyst believed to be the biggest one ever removed whole. Now more than six months on the patient has regained mobility and returned to a normal life. – SEE CATERS COPY