Police Uncover One Of The Most Bizarre Child Abuse Cases In State History

Kids like to make things up. They play pretend and make believe. Some kids even go through a lying phase, although it’s usually pretty easy to figure out what the truth is.

When a young child tells you a story that sounds unbelievable, more often than not, it’s just something they imagined. But when that story has a certain level of detail as well as evidence to back it up, you’d best pay attention…


Hospital Visit


On a September day in Oklahoma City, a woman brought a 7-year-old girl into the Griffin Memorial Hospital. When the woman spoke with the intake staff, she told them the reason she was there was that she “couldn’t control [the girl] any more.”

Rough Shape


At a glance, the little girl looked to be in rough shape, but when the medical staff evaluated her, it was even worse than it first appeared. They were alarmed to find numerous bruises and burns all over the girl’s body…

Even Worse


When they inspected her further, they found multiple cuts around her ankles that were infected. She was clearly suffering from a severe case of untreated ringworm.They also found marks on her wrists that led them to believe that the little girl had been repeatedly bound.

Signs of Abuse


Alarm bells were ringing in the heads of the hospital staff. It looked as if the young girl had been the victim of a horrific, and all-too-common, case of child abuse and neglect. But when they asked the girl what had happened to her, she gave an entirely uncommon response…



The 7-year-old told a Department of Human Services worker that these wounds had been inflicted on her by a tormentor named “Nelda.” Nelda was a green-faced witch that would subject her to various cruel punishments when “she was in trouble.”

Worse Than Fantasy


But this idea about an evil, magical woman torturing her wasn’t just created in the little girl’s mind. She told the DHS worker that she knew that the witch’s green face was just a mask. What was happening to her was even worse than what you find in most fairy tales…

It’s Grandma


The girl told authorities that “Nelda” was her grandmother, the 49-year-old Geneva Robinson, the same woman who brought the little girl into the hospital. She would dress up in a green mask and black robes, even going so far as to paint her hands green. Then, she would torture her granddaughter.

In The Garage


Robinson would take her daughter into the garage and bind her wrists at night, forcing her to sleep on a pair of pants laid out on the concrete floor. She would take a pink dog leash and string the 7-year-old up, hanging her from the middle of the garage underneath her arms…

Legs Dangling


With her legs dangling a couple of feet above the garage floor, her mask-wearing grandmother would tell the little girl that “the creatures in the attic were going to come get her.” Then she would hit her with an orange and black whip.

Long List


That wasn’t the end of the abuses the 7-year-old said that Robinson subjected her to. To name just a few of them, Robinson kept the girl from attending school, pulled on her skin with pliers, cut off all of her hair while she was sleeping. She kicked and punched her regularly, especially in the groin area. She once kicked her hard enough to fracture her pubic bone…

Alert the Authorities


Though the little girl’s claims seemed bizarre and unbelievable, they were backed up by the state of her body. Clearly there was something going on, and police were notified. They went to Robinson’s home to determine if there was merit to the little girl’s claims.

Story Checks Out


“The evidence at the scene corroborated what she was saying,” said Master Sergeant Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department. “There were whips and chains and a witch’s hat found there. Just a completely horrible situation for a child to be in.”…

I Can’t Believe It


Police believed that the evidence was strong enough to arrest Robinson and take her into custody. But most of those around her didn’t believe she’d done anything wrong.”If it wasn’t serious, it would be laughable,” said one neighbor. “I can’t believe it. I just think that’s not true.” They’d never seen any bizarre behavior from Robinson and the three other children who lived in the home showed no signs of abuse.

Younger Boyfriend


One of Robinson’s most vocal defenders was her boyfriend Joshua Granger.”It’s not true at all,” he said. “She’s never dressed up as a witch to punish any of the kids.” The 31-year-old man who lived with Robinson described the 7-year-old as a “troubled child” who was fabricating these witch stories…

Not The Only One


But another adult who lived in the home told police that there was truth to the little girl’s claims. He said that he’d gotten the “witch treatment” as well and that Robinson had tortured him in similar ways, including kicking him in the groin on a regular basis.



Further investigation revealed to authorities that Granger had aided Robinson in torturing the little girl. He too had an alter ego: a demon named “Coorgo.” Both he and Robinson were charged with felony child abuse…

Phone Video


One of the most damning pieces of evidence presented by the prosecution during the trial was a 3-minute cellphone video of Robinson in her witch costume, tormenting the little girl. Granger is also in the video and can be heard saying “Grandma’s sick because of you. You go with the witch.”

I Promise


As Robinson manhandled the little girl on the video, she pleaded with the “witch” saying “I promise, witch, I promise,” to be good to her grandmother. Nelda replies “you lie, you lie, you lie, little girl,” and later tells “Coorgo” to get her a fork and knife so she can eat the little girl.

Years and Years


Both Robinson and Granger plead guilty to the charges against them. While Granger was sentenced to 30 years in prison, Robinson was sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences for the treatment of the young girl.

Sparkling Eyes

newsok Geneva Robinson arrives for her child abuse sentencing before Oklahoma County District Judge Michele McElwee at Oklahoma County District Court in Oklahoma City, Okla. Thursday, April 13, 2017. Photo by Paul Hellstern, The Oklahoman

Before announcing her decision, the judge held up 2 photos of the victim. One from before the abuse showed the victim at 5 years old, smiling with a full head of hair and “sparkling eyes.” The other was from after the abuse and showed the same girl at 7 years old, no smile, no hair, and covered in wounds. “You know what died?” the Judge said, “those sparkling eyes from an innocent girl.”

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