People Are Photographed as Young Adults and Again at 100-Years-Old in Fascinating Photos

10. Anna Vašinová:

On the left, she is 22 years old after her wedding. On the right, she is 102 years old and says that her greatest wish is to meet her husband after death.

Source:- Jan Langer

11. Vincenc Jetelin:

On the left, he is 30 years old and just finished his house. On the right, he is 105 years old and when asked about his most unforgettable memory, he answered, “eight years in prison for the function of district commissioner during WWII.”

Source:- Jan Langer

12. Marie Fejfarová:

Her personal history was burnt. On the right, she is 101 years old: “If you could give something to somebody, you must not expect to receive anything in return. And when you receive something, you cannot count on taking it with you to the grave.”

Source:- Rahaf Khalil


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