People Are Photographed as Young Adults and Again at 100-Years-Old in Fascinating Photos

4. Antonín Baldrman:

On the left, he is 17 years old and is a skilled locksmith. On the right, he is 101 years old. When asked what his greatest wish is, he answered, “Peace.”

Source:- Jan Langer

5. Prokop Vejdělek:

On the left, he is 22 years old and has taken an Oath Of Enlistment. On the right, he is 101 years old and his favorite hobby is circular saw cutting.

Source:- Rahaf Khalil

6. Bedřiška Köhlerová:

On the left, she is 26 years old at her wedding. On the right, she is 103 years old. When asked about her greatest wish, she responded, “visit Italy one more time.”

Source:- Jan Langer