Living Large In A Micro Home. When You Just Can’t Live Without Your Best Friends!

micro home
micro home

Four inseparable Texas couples decided to make the fun of being together last forever as they did like when they were kids by building their own compound of miniature homes on a piece of property they purchased together on the Llano River outside of Austin, TX.

Their result came to be known as “Bestie Row” still living within a stone’s throw of each other. The cabins only cost $40,000 each and were designed with architect Matt Garcia .

They already knew they were all leaning to living in a down-sized home so this would be perfect living quarters. They built adjacent 400-square-foot cabins. They added one 1,500-square-foot communal building to house a kitchen, dining, and activity area.

These “micro-homes” come with all the amenities you would expect in a normal home such as the adequately sized bathroom.

Each cabin’s interior has the owner’s own custom blend of modern and rustic design. This also allows for each to express their individualism while still keeping in synch with their buddies.

The design of the sloping roof allows the rainwater to funnel into a water storage tank. It’s just one way the group helps keep the environmental impact low and sustainability high.

The set-up they have going here will ensure these friends of 20+ years that will be able to share their lives together as they planned on in the early years. It don’t get any better than that!