20 Years After A Dutch Teen Goes Missing Her Stepbrother Comes Forward With A New Revelation

Police officers and detectives are routinely tasked with the near-impossible job of finding out why a crime took place. These dedicated individuals spend their lives trying to help the families and friends of homicide victims find much-needed closure, but it rarely plays out perfectly.

In 1995, the body of Nicole Van Den Hurk, a teenager from the Netherlands, was found murdered on the side of a road. Police launched an investigation, but they were never able to find a suspect.

Two decades later, however, startling new evidence was brought to police, and they hoped it would lead them to the answer they had spent years searching for…

G20 Voice / Flickr

In 1995, police in the Netherlands launched an investigation to find out who murdered a teenage girl named Nicole Van Den Hurk, but they came up empty-handed. Two decades later, however, new evidence came to light that detectives hoped would put the case to rest once and for all…

Nicole Van Den Hurk was born in Erkelenz, Germany, on July 4, 1980. Her mother was a woman named Angelika Tegtmeier, and Nicole was the product of a one-night stand between her mother and an unknown married man. However, when Nicole was two, her mom met and married a Dutch singer named Ad Van Den Hurk, and he became Nicole’s stepfather.