11 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbors

annoy your neighbor
annoy your neighbor

Ever have neighbors you just can’t get along with no matter how hard you try?

Well, most of us do and there are many ways to annoy them. Let’s just hope they can take a joke and not retaliate!

Annoy Your Neighbors by trying these!

Snake on the front door mat.

Leave a telescope sitting in plain view to make them think you are watching them!

Get up early and mow your yard.

Send a salesman to their door. You can call to request a quote for something around their home.

Paint your house bright yellow!

Work in your garden half naked!

Roast a pig or have a BBQ frequently. The small will drive them hungrily insane! Invite many people, but not them too.

Let your tree’s hang over their property.


Beat on the ceiling morning, noon and night!

Have fun playing in the sprinkler wearing the skimpiest suit you have! Also, they hate it when you are having fun.