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This Mom Dyed Her Toddler’s Hair Hot Pink And We’re So Here For It

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Charity Grace, a popular blogger, is facing a bit of backlash over a video she uploaded of her dying her daughter’s hair pink.

Little Felicity is just two years old and chose the colour herself. In the video, Charity can be seen using the bright coloured hair dye on the toddler.

Before starting she said, “She has been asking for pink hair for a long time now. So, I finally went ahead and bit the bullet and we’re doing pink hair. Because, how can you say no to this face?”

She also clarified that the dye was semi-permanent.

Blogger. Charity Grace is a blogger who has a following of nearly 300,000 followers thanks to her adorable kids, amazing yoga poses, and fabulous hair. Charity also makes YouTube videos, and in her most recent one, she dyes her daughter Felicity’s hair.