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Texas Family Outraged After 7-Year-Old Special Needs Student HandCuffed At School

The family of a 7-year-old Dallas boy says his outburst last week at school led to police handcuffing him and placing him in a behavioral health facility without notifying a parent.

It’s been an issue ever since the condition was first recognized. Modern parents rely on it to help them deal with their disruptive children, while oldsters scoff at the need for such a label in the first place. Still, a child with ADHD has needs that a typical school can’t quite handle. In this case, however, the actions this administration at Gabe P. Allen Elementary School took in dealing with such a student are being called into question.

Its Happening More And More

April Obin of DeSoto, Texas knows that her son is a handful. He has ADHD, and a mood disorder, and when the condition hits him, it can become a bit much. The boy turns violent and disruptive. Normally, the school has a counselor on duty to help deal with situations like this. So when the child had one of those episodes recently, the standard protocol was in place.

Kids With ADHD Finding Themselves In Handcuffs

Unfortunately, the employee assigned was out, and so the school did what it thought best. They called April…and then the police. That’s right, law enforcement arrived on the scene, and within a few minutes, the boy was in handcuffs and carted off to a mental health facility. Oh, by the way, he’s seven. He also was tased – allegedly – in order to keep him in line. When April got to the school, she was told what happened…and now she’s suing.

And This Most Recent Case Is Just As Disturbing As The Others

The family’s attorney – Amar Dhillon – has provided more information, arguing that the school made the situation much worse than it needed to be. There are accusations of excessive force and the use of a baton to beat the boy (there are photos showing bruises and other marks on the body). Naturally, the police and the local school board have no comment at this time. As there are two sides to every story, we will have to wait until all the facts are on hand. Until then, we can say this – for a child with ADHD? Seriously?

He’s Only Seven!