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Mom Writes Heartbreaking, Honest Obit About Son Who Overdosed

Unfortunately, the 25-year-old from Akron died way too soon.

As the nation deals with an opioid epidemic, Adam Bear’s family is sharing his story to inform people about the resources available to those who are addicted to drugs.

In his obituary, his mother wrote:

Adam enjoyed going to the gym, snowboarding, four wheeling, jet skiing, bonfires on the beach, reading – especially Harry Potter – and will always be remembered for his charming personality, disarming good looks and welcoming smile.

Unfortunately, he will also be remembered as a statistic.

His addiction started with prescription drugs and then escalated to heroin.

“Once heroin got ahold of Adam it never let him go,” his family says.


There’s nothing worse than facing the death of your own child! Really, one never expects such causalities and hence when they occur, they are extremely heartbreaking and saddening! But, everything is a part of life and must be faced with courage!

This mum is really courageous to have faced such a casualty in her life when her son died at the young age of 25! Michelle Benson’s son, Adam Richard Bear passed away at a young age of 25 and she was left heartbroken! However, gathering all the courage, she decided to do the unthinkable!

His mother noted all the lovely things about him to say at his obituary. It was surely extremely saddening to muster courage to speak about him in a hall full of people realising that he’ll never be with her again