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High School Senior Suspended for Violating Dress Code

Lately, more and more high school students have been in the news for fighting their school’s dress codes, calling many of the rules sexist. But one student who stood up against what she felt was an unfair punishment is now being barred from walking at graduation.

Kaitlyn Juvik is an average high school student who has drawn lots of attention for what her school did to her. She wore what she thought was a completely appropriate shirt to school. The school administrators thought otherwise. They immediately sent her home. Take a look and see if you feel like they should have done this.


Kaitlyn Juvik is an ordinary high school student that has garnered national attention when she was expelled from school for wearing clothing that was found by school officials to be inappropriate. Juvik honestly feels as though she has done nothing wrong. The offending article that got her booted? A loose-fitting black T-shirt that you can see below.


The real reason she was sent home wasn’t for what she was wearing as much as what she was not wearing. On that day Juvik happened to not wear a bra. That is what led to her being sent home and that is the center of the controversy. She doesn’t feel that her school has the right or the authority to decide what kind of underwear she can or cannot wear. She created a video with the hope of addressing the problem.


As noted by Juvik, you would have to actually look very closely to even notice she didn’t have on a bra that day. Should she not be able to embrace her natural body in a non-offending way? Why would anyone be uncomfortable with her natural body? Why should she be forced to change in order to accommodate how others feel about how she looks?


Juvik is convinced that the principal had no idea she wasn’t wearing a bra unless he was looking at her much too closely for comfort. It is a pretty bold statement to make but she stands by it. The school, however, doesn’t agree with the way she says things occurred.


A quick glance at images of the offending shirt clearly shows that Juvik is not in the wrong. The shirt is not only perfectly fine for her to wear, it also gave her a good chance to teach everyone why it’s not okay to sexualize women.


In response to being suspended, Kaitlyn rallied other female students and staged a peaceful protest in which they didn’t wear bras for one school day. A Facebook page, “No Bra No Problem” was launched as well with several followers at this point.

In a video, Juvik said: “What I was confronted about was wrong.”