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15 Thoughts Every Man Has When He Meets The Right Girl

1. “I Hope She’s Enjoying Herself…”

When a guy is on a date with a woman that is notably hotter than him, he’s going to be thinking about whether or not she’s enjoying herself. Throughout the date, the guy will try to impress and interest her in any way possible. He might strike up some deep conversations, hire extra entertainment, and maybe even buy her things to ensure that she has a good time.

Having a good first date usually means that there will be more dates to follow. A less attractive man obviously wants to score more dates with a beautiful woman. He’ll do anything and everything to ensure that the first date runs smoothly and is enjoyable for both of them. If the hot woman enjoys her time, she’ll probably agree to go on more dates in the future.

2. I Hate How That Guy Over There Is Looking At Her.”

When a man is well aware that a woman is better looking than him, he will probably be a bit insecure when he notices that other guys are interested in her. You don’t necessarily need to be a couple for a man to start getting a little possessive of you and your relationship. It’s human nature to get a jealous sometimes.

Even though he probably won’t admit it, he’ll be extremely insecure and threatened by every guy that stares at you. When you two are out on a date, he’s going to be weary of everyone that checks you out. In the back of his mind, whenever you two are together, he’ll be thinking about all the other hotter, smarter, and more successful men you can be with instead of him.

3. “Does She Think I’m Good-Looking?”

Since everyone has different views on what they are attracted to, there is a chance that this super hot woman thinks the guy she is on a date with is hot as well. Not everyone is into those dreamy, chiseled, universal types, like the Channing Tatum’s, Brad Pitt’s, and George Clooney’s of the world.

What a hot woman might like could in fact be average looking guys. Even though a guy might not be seen as universally attractive, certain woman might still think he is. So while on a date with a hot woman, guys will probably try to figure out whether she is physically attracted to him or not. They’ll be reading her body language, and see if she’s throwing any signals his way.

4. “Maybe She Used To Be Ugly.”

There must be a reason as to why a hot woman would be giving such an average (or even ugly) looking guy a chance. One of the thoughts that might pop up in a guy’s mind is whether or not the woman might have been ugly before. Like why else would she date someone below her (looks wise)?

We know this is stupid. Hot women have many reasons for deciding on who they want to date. But, guys actually have this thought when they are with a good-looking female. Sometimes men can’t grasp the fact that physically attraction isn’t always a factor for many people. When a guy starts having this thought, he will also think about what the woman would have looked like if she was ugly before.

5. “How Many Guys Has She Been With?”

When men on a date with hotter women, they will begin to imagine how many other guys she might have been with before him. This especially true if they notice other guys checking her out or talking to her while they are on their date. If he notices that other guys want her, it will only make sense that she’s been with a lot of men. This obviously isn’t always true, but many men seem to think it is.

Not only will a guy think about the number of men she could have been with, they will also envision her with attractive looking guys. Because it seems realistic that a super hot girl has dated other attractive people as well. Wrong! But, men still think that.

6. “How Do I Take This To The Next Step?”

Whatever stage the relationship might be at, a guy will definitely be thinking about how he can take it to the next step. Since the woman is hot, guys will even be considering whether or not she would want to get serious with a guy who is less attractive than her.

If it’s only the first date, guys tend to think about how they can either bring her home or ask her on a second date. If the pair has been dating a while, the guy will try to figure out if she’ll want to be his girlfriend or if she’s just passing time being with him. If they’re already dating, he will consider whether or not she would want to move in with him or even get married.